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UPPAbaby VISTA V2 UKUPPAbaby logo
UPPAbaby is an innovative company with one mission: To make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of new parents. By pushing the edge on so many levels, UPPAbaby delivers the innovation and style that discriminating parents appreciate.

For UPPAbaby, it’s a matter of pride. For parents, it’s one more source of joy.


Tot2Walk UK

Learning to walk is one of a child’s most exciting phases. While they’re toddling forward, it’s natural to lean over to offer a helping hand—or more likely, a finger for the child to grip. However, walking while bending at the waist is uncomfortable and hard on the back. The tot2walk lets children direct their own development while adults provide stability—without that difficult posture.


Cloud b

Cloud b take sleep seriously.

There’s more to their range of toys than cuteness and cuddles, it’s plush with a purpose, helping children of all ages fall asleep peacefully and stay asleep throughout the night.