Cognikids, the brand which offers a variety of innovative and patented products for natural baby development in the modern world, has launched into the UK through DCUK.

A young, yet innovate and multi-award winning brand with products that not only have a striking aesthetic but also aid and assist babies during their developmental stages, Cognikids has a commitment to:

  • Put babies first
  • Produce products that support neurological development
  • Ensure that its functional products are made to the highest safety and quality standards
  • Never forget that babies and parents need to have some fun

Cognikids hero range includes:

  • Crawl – Easy Grip Crawl Suit – Helps your baby reach an important developmental milestone by facilitating grip on modern floors.
  • Grip – Baby Bottle Gripper – Designed to help babies grasp their own bottle and develop their pincer grip which is essential for handwriting. Encouraging them to develop the skills necessary for independent feeding. Easing the transition from breast to bottle.
  • Sooth – Sensory Teething Bib – Its innovative material provides sensory relief for teething babies. Perfect for soothing sore gums.
  • Sip – Natural Drinking Cup – Encourages independent feeding and is perfect for healthy oral development and develops child confidence.
  • Dip – Weaning Pre-Spoon – Develops confidence in your little one, allowing them to create perfect portion sizes and encouraging independent feeding.